Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why I Think the Resort Should Cancel the Evening Meditations in Buddha Hall

by Dhanyam

Last month I read a short piece in the New York Times about a terrorist being arrested in Chicago and didn’t pay too much attention to it. But in the middle of November this terrorist story pretty much exploded, especially in the Indian media, all the way to the Osho Resort in Pune.

Turns out that the Pakistan-born terrorist David Coleman Headley (originally Daoog Gilani) traveled to India every year since 2007 – on his US passport – and not only stayed at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai before it was attacked by terrorists, but also visited the Osho Resort in Pune twice, for one day at a time.

I think it is safe to assume that Mr. Headley did not visit the Resort to meditate.

With a few thousand people going to the evening meditation in Buddha Hall every night, I have to ask whether the Resort security is adequate to protect sannyasins and other Osho lovers from a terrorist attack. To me the answer is clear: No!

I am convinced that Mr. Headley was scouting targets for future terrorist attacks, and because of this situation, I believe the only possible and responsible policy is to cancel the evening meditation in Buddha Hall until the Resort can adequately protect everyone attending.


Sourced from Osho Viha Connection Magazine


  1. Dhanyamji,
    I dont think we should stop Evening Meditation which got lots of importance to a Meditator and u must be aware of it.
    Inspite of the fact and much possibility that terrorists have plans to attack, we must continue the show and remember the words of Buddha, Chareveti ! Chareveti !
    Being Indian, am fully aware of the consequences and no proper security arrangements at the gates and if terrorists chose the way they attacked Mumbai, our commune may be the soft target, but,
    Osho too faced such situtations. What we must demand is police security from the Govt. Officials and pl. do not demand for stopping any of the activities in commune.

  2. Dear Baawra,

    You are correct; we should not stop evening meditation.

    It is the responsibility of the Resort to demand and get adequate security to protect everyone in the Resort.

    I just read in today's New York Times and Wall Street Journal that one year after the Mumbai terrorist attack the Indian security is still not adequate to protect against terrorist attacks.


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