Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Special Sale! Osho's Yaa-Hoo: The Mystic Rose

Yaa-Hoo: The Mystic Rose

In March and April of 1988 Osho gave a series of discourses that have remained favorites with many of his sannyasins. This was a particular “juicy” and joyful time in Poona, with Osho delighting his people with often hilarious discourses and some of his most outrageous jokes.

Have you ever wondered how the Yaa-Hoo! mantra evolved? Or what triggered the creation of the Mystic Rose meditation? Or what made Osho walk out of discourse at the height of a monsoon storm?

“I wanted you to know that I am not an old-style Zen Master, but I also hit – in my own way, more sophisticatedly... One day suddenly I will be gone, just like the storm. Before I am gone I would like you to blossom into the biggest roses possible.”

It’s all here, in this big, elegantly designed book of questions and answers. Complete with many beautiful photos, this is a collector’s item!

This very special Osho book is now on special sale for only $14.95 plus shipping.

You can order it at

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Sourced from Osho Viha Connection Magazine

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  1. Our stock is now pretty much sold out, so the sale is over, and the price of this book is back to the regular $24.95.


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