Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meetings with the Master

Here is an excerpt from the new column "Meetings with the Master" in our July/August Viha Connection magazine:
Everything Is Going Perfectly
by Anand Soma
I took sannyas in March 1976 and spent six months in Pune. At that time sannyasins could ask for darshan every month or so, so I booked darshan, and a good friend recommended that I smoke pot before the darshan in order to be really open to Osho. I had never smoked pot before, but I really wanted to be open to Him. Normally, when you sat in front of Him, He would look at you and ask, “Anything to say?” You would say one line or two, and He would answer you. Well, when it was my turn I had a lot to say. Actually I told Him my whole life story; I was 21 at the time.
I don’t remember how long it took; it seemed quite long to me. Osho looked at me very kindly and said, “You know, Soma, your English is not so very good. Would you please repeat everything you just said in German to Haridas (His German guard); and Haridas, would you just repeat everything back to me in English so I can understand?”
I was stunned and embarrassed as I told the story in German to Haridas and heard Haridas translate for Osho, while Osho listened attentively. Writing this now – what can I say, I was 21 years old – but then I remember being so utterly bored with my “so important” story. Osho was very kind, smiling. He recommended that I do the Soma group and asked me to remember, “It’s only a dream.”
Sourced from Viha Connection magazine