Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deva Premal & Miten news

We are always happy to receive news of our friends Deva Premal and Miten. These beloved sannyasin musicians are always traveling around the world and delighting their audiences with their wonderful singing. And they are wonderful ambassadors for Osho! I still fondly (and with goosebumps) remember their last concert in San Francisco, during which suddenly Osho's voice filled the magnificent Grace Cathedral.

Recently Nirvesha emailed us with the news that Ed and Deb Shapiro, authors of Be The Change, wrote about Deva and Miten in a new blog at the Huffington Post:

"The room was filled with melodious voices. We were at a concert with the fabulous Deva Premal and Miten. They are masters at chanting, and at getting the audience to participate. Spending a few hours singing a foreign language (many chants are in Sanskrit) may not sound like a lot of fun, yet it has a remarkable effect. It really does uplift the spirit.

"...Apart from calming the mind and reducing friction, chanting can also be powerfully healing. Miten shared the moving story of a woman who had been deeply depressed for two years, sleeping on the couch as she could not climb the stairs, waking up each morning hoping she would die, and gaining a lot of weight. A friend played her Deva and Miten's chanting and she began to sob, followed by a huge release. She played their music constantly and one morning, when she woke up, for the first time she was able to appreciate the sun filling her room. She had thoughts of how she could share love, instead of longing to die.

"Deva and Miten hear such stories constantly, especially from people who know nothing of the meaning of the chant but who are feeling a lack of shared spirituality in their lives and who experience a deep and joyful resonance with the sound...." Read the full blog here .

Nice, huh?

Now Deva Premal's latest offering has just reached here: A CD titled "Mantras for Precarious Times."

Accompanied by Miten (voice), Manose (bansuri flute), and Kamal (keyboard drone, bells), Deva sings a selection of seven mantras chosen specifically as a support during these challenging times.

Each mantra is chanted for an entire mala – 108 beads.

The CD includes notes on useful applications for each mantra.

This CD and others by the duo are available at



Sourced from Osho Viha Connection Magazine

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