Friday, November 6, 2009

Vasumati's comments on: "Therapy and Meditation in the World of Osho"

Here some parts from Vasumati's article, on the same topic:

Vasumati "For me meditation alone has never been enough. If we take meditation to be witnessing and going beyond the ego, then I have always needed more. I’ve needed love, celebration, creativity, and different forms of expression to create the full panorama of human experience that solves life’s problems and makes its joys more profound. [...]

In my case meditation was not higher or more mature than therapy or inquiry. Both grew simultaneously. Originally my journey into meditation was a personal love affair with Osho. I was not looking to go beyond the mind or the ego. I was in love, and the Being I was in love with also happened to be my Master. It was far more than just the impersonal space of meditation. In the years after Osho left the body new ground as a seeker had to be developed that put the onus for awakening on me and not on someone who would do it for me. There was no external Master and no lover.

Therapy helped unearth the patterns, and meditation helped me be with it and find the inner space necessary to allow the shifts to take place and the understandings to integrate. Therapy has been of tremendous help to me, and I will never feel that I should not need it. Meditation is the greatest gift I have received this lifetime. I will carry it with me through all the stages of life, love, aging, and death."



Sourced from Osho Viha Connection Magazine

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