Saturday, November 14, 2009

Original, unedited Osho ("Rajneeesh") books

Over the past years I have noticed that the demand for original, unedited Osho books is huge. Many of our book buyers do not want the compilation books produced by mainstream publishers and request the original books, many of which are out of print.

I am always on the lookout for such books and was recently able to buy a small collection. Book collectors know that prices for such books are skyrocketing on sites like or on ebay.

I am excited to be able to offer the following “Rajneesh” books, all of them out of print. I have only one copy per title, so please email us soonest with your interest.

Title publication date price
Take It Easy Vol. 2 1979 37.95
Discipline of Transcendence Vol. 2 1978 36.95
Ecstasy: The Forgotten Language 1978 36.95
Rajneesh Upanishad 1987 28.95
The Ultimate Alchemy Vol. 1 1976 37.95
The Book of Secrets Vol. 4 1976 29.95
The Book of Secrets Vol. 5 1976 35.95
Zarathustra: Laughing Prophet app.1989 36.95
Ta Hui: Great Zen Master app.1989 36.95
Gold Nuggets app.1989 22.95
More Gold Nuggets app.1989 22.95
Come Follow Me, Vol. 1 1976 37.95
Come Follow Me, Vol. 2 1976 37.95
The Razor’s Edge app. 1989 36.95
From the False to the Truth app. 1989 35.95
The Sword and the Lotus app. 1988 35.95

Books about Osho:
The Awakened One
(by Satya Vedant) 1982 22.95
The Rajneesh Papers
(by Palmer & Sharma) app. 1987 23.95


Sourced from Osho Viha Connection Magazine


  1. These rare, out-of-print Osho (Rajneesh) books sell pretty much like hot cakes, so many of these books sold within hours.

  2. Hi I am a avid reader of OSHO Books. Can you please guide me where can I download all the above mentioned books in your blog. Please help me I shall be thankful to you.

    1. These books are not available for download, but printed, hardcover books that we were offering for sale seven years ago. Check our website for Osho books for sale.


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