Sunday, December 6, 2009

Osho Viha News Early December 2009

This has been another busy and fun week here at Osho Viha.

We just finished proofreading the January/February 2010 issue of our Viha Connection magazine. The topic of the Special Section is "Love & Aloneness: The Relationship Koan," with very juicy articles by Anasha, Avinash, Chinmaya, Devapath, Garimo & Neerava, and Tara, all discussing the ins and outs of their relationships. Definitely not to be missed!

On Saturday, the members of the editorial board came for a meeting here at Viha. It was once again time to find a topic – for the May/June issue, if you can believe it. (We have to plan much in advance!) The working title for that section is "Spreading the Fire," and we will invite some center leaders, therapists, and other folks who we feel present Osho and his message in ways that bring new people to our Master.

We also received a shipment of a new Tarot Deck, just in time for the holidays:
53 Meditations to Meet the Buddha Within
53 Meditation Cards and Booklet

The 52 cards in this deck together comprise a thoughtful guide to understanding the Buddha’s important contribution to human enlightenment. Each card contains a sutra, a commentary by Osho, and a beautiful image of a Buddha statue. Readers can first enjoy the words as poetry and allow them to evoke an intuitive, emotional response; they can then read Osho's corresponding entry in the book to create meaning. A 53rd card, called Sammasati, represents the last word spoken by the Buddha and an inspiring reminder of the reader’s own buddhahood. Individual sutras include Only Love Dispels Hate; Beyond Judgments; Neither Praise Nor Blame; Conquer Yourself; Beyond Sorrow; Awake Forever; and The Shining Way.

This will make a lovely holiday gift, either for yourself or a loved one. Please go to

to order it.

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