Monday, August 2, 2010

A Collection of Coming-to-Osho Stories

Over the past years that has been a great crop of books by Osho sannyasins. Bhagawati, who lives in Bali and is a columnist for our Osho magazine, recently published a collection of coming-to-Osho stories.

This wonderful book has been flying off our shelves ever since its arrival here, and we have a hard time keeping it in stock. No wonder, considering that in this book 44 Osho sannyasins share how they found the Master and eventually received their Osho mala from him.

These are amazing stories of people who left behind their past to be in the presence of an enlightened Master. Many of them went on to live in the Ashram in Pune, India, where they were able to listen to Osho discourses, many of which are available on DVDs today. They also did Osho meditations on a regular basis during their stay in India. Their lives were transformed forever.

Thanks to modern technology, we are still able to experience the magic of an enlightened Master today, in the form of Osho books, Osho DVDs, and now Osho MP3s. We are hoping to soon be able to offer a HUGE selection of Osho MP3s – almost all his talks. Stay tuned!

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