Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is There a Scrap of Enlightenment?

Swami Prem Oscar sent an interesting note and we invite our readers to join the discussion:

I have been struck by a question and, in my usual fashion, just cough it out, despite its maybe being sinful or whatever!
We/I say we are/I am unenlightened, but how would we/I know? How? Will there be a very obvious change, a knowing, a happening – trumpets from the sky and all that.

I am “merged” with my natural surroundings here, spend most of my time happily alone, often following my breath, and constantly very aware of all the astounding beauty around me...and also of how very lucky I am.
But how would I know if there's even a scrap of enlightenment present here?

Thanks, Oscar – Nairobi, Kenya

Sourced from the Viha Connection Osho magazine


  1. Because there wouldn't be an individual sense of you to even contemplate such matters. To transcend the ego means your perception is no longer limited to a physical body. Your pure conscious awareness has become one with everything. The body goes on, of its own accord, but there is no longer the sense that it is you.

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  3. Everything that is needed is included in your question. Let it sink in. Let it take you in to your depths in questioning. Go to the very end. The ending of seeking is the beginning of inquiry.

    Charaiveti, charaiveti!



  4. if someone else enjoys your enjoyment ,it's enlightenment...if others don't get the benefits of you, then it's not....joy spreads...in all sorts of ways...


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