Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Osho the Most Prolific Author of All Times

by Dhanyam

I am always a bit amused when I see this label attached to Osho. Although there are more than 650 Osho books to his name, Osho, of course, did not “write” any of them, apart from A Cup of Tea, a beautiful collection of early letters. Those familiar with Osho know that he spoke – or gave “discourses” – for about 30 years and that the books are transcripts of recordings made from these spontaneous talks. The earliest recordings, on audio, were made around 1974, and video recording started in 1978.

Although I love Osho’s books and do my best to make available as many as possible by importing them from all over the world, I think that hearing and seeing Osho are powerful ways to experience him. That’s why here at Osho Viha we continue to expand our selection of Osho DVDs and, now that audiotapes and CDs are old technology, Osho MP3s. I am also glad that we have more and more DVDs and MP3s available because more and more books are going out of print.

Just these past few days, we added to our MP3 selection all of Osho’s discourse series on Jesus: The Mustard Seed, Come Follow Me, and I Say Unto You, and a beautiful Zen discourse series: This Very Body the Buddha: Discourses on Haikun’s Song of Meditation. This series starts out with the much-loved “birthday discourse,” given on December 11, 1977: “My beloved ones, I love you all. Love is my message – let it be your message too. Love is my color and climate. To me, love is the only religion.”

With Osho’s birthday just a month away, I wanted to make this treasure available.

Sourced from the Viha Connection, our Osho magazine.

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