Sunday, February 14, 2010

German Bakery in Pune Bombed

We are shocked to hear that the Germany Bakery, a popular hang-out spot near the Osho Resort in Pune, was bombed on Saturday, 7:30 pm local time. Below an article from the online BBC.

Pune, known as the cultural and educational capital of the western Indian state of Maharashtra, is in shock at the bombing of the German Bakery.
The restaurant is popular with students and tourists and was crowded when one of the waiters opened an unattended bag to see who it belonged to.
The following explosion destroyed the restaurant and the outdoor seating area, although the building above was left standing.

Santosh Bhosale: "The bakery is like our home"
"When I heard the blast it was like a earthquake tremor," said Santosh Bhosale, a shopkeeper who was nearby at the time.
"We ran to see what happened and saw bodies lying. I didn't think twice and I started to help people to take the injured to hospital.
"I knew the staff members of the bakery. We all have been here for years together now and are extremely fond of each other. This bakery is like our home," he said.
Initial reports of a second bag containing explosives have been discounted.
The German Bakery is in a plush, upmarket area of Pune, close to the Osho Ashram and the Jewish Chabad House.
There was a heavy police presence at the three Pune hospitals where the injured - most of them between 25-30 years old - were taken.
At Jehangir Hospital students gathered in anxious clusters to ask after their friends.

How did they manage to attack such a busy place in such an important area? Pune is otherwise a laidback and relaxed city but now one does not know
Pune policeman

In pictures: India restaurant blast
Thirteen of the injured were taken here. Two were later discharged after being treated for minor injuries.
"My friend Aditya Mehtra was admitted," said Yogesh, an engineering student.
"Students are always around the German Bakery - especially on a Saturday evening. We never felt anything in Pune but now it will change," he said.
He was told his friend was in the intensive care unit in a stable condition.
The government has offered compensation of about $10,700 (£6,800) for the families of those killed and has said it will pay for the treatment of all those injured.
Security fears
Outside the restaurant, a police constable said until now the citizens of Pune had felt safe and not worried about terror attacks.
"One incident is enough to alter the city. Now people will not have peace of mind. How did they manage to attack such a busy place in such an important area? Now after all these deaths it will get difficult. Pune is otherwise a laidback and relaxed city but now one does not know."
But local resident Salil Nishte said he thought security around the bakery had recently decreased.
"We used to come here for a cappuccino and pastries occasionally. In the last few days I had noticed that security was reduced," he said.
"Normally this area is very well protected because of Osho Centre and Chabad House. However, I feel that over years the population of foreigners and important dignitaries has increased, so security should be beefed up adequately at all times so that such incidents do not occur."
In the absence of anyone claiming responsibility for the attack, speculation has focused on Indian Mujahiddin, Jamat ud Dawa and Lashkar-e-Taiba.
Questions are also being asked about an alert raised for Pune in October.
Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram has said David Headley, an American facing charges in the US for allegedly scouting targets for the Mumbai attack, had also surveyed Chabad House and Osho Ashram.

Sourced from Viha Connection magazine


  1. Sagar in Freiburg forwarded us a link to an article with the list of the victims. Here it is:
    List of those dead in Pune terror attack
    IANS, 14 February 2010, 05:57pm IST
    Text Size:

    German Bakery Blast
    Pune Attack
    Pune German Bakery Attack
    PUNE: Nine people, including two foreigners, were killed in Saturday night's Pune terror attack at the German Bakery in the upmarket Koregaon

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    Park, an area of the city frequented by the elite and foreign nationals. The names of the victims announced this evening by Pune Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh are:


    P Sundari, 22, of Bangalore

    Anik, 24 and Anandi Dar, 19, brother-sister from Kolkata,

    Vinita Gadani, 22, of Mumbai

    Shilpa Goenka, 23, of Kolkata

    Shankar Pansare, 40, of Pune,

    Gokul Nepali (waiter in the German Bakery)

    Saeed Abdul Ghani, 26, Iranian (student in Symbiosis)

    Nadia Materinia, 37, Italian

    Injured - 60 injured (46 male, 14 female). Nineteen (14 males, 5 female) discharged and 41 still in hospital. 12 foreign nationals (5 Iranians, 1 Yemeni, 2 Sudanese, 2 Nepalis, 1 Taiwanese, 1 German) among the injured.


  2. One of the people killed at the German Bakery was Nadia Macerini, a visitor to the Osho Commune.


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